We offer solutions for businesses, municipalities, and individuals to take role in environmental responsibility and develop their environment, natural areas and create a sustainable future.

For Who?


We analyse, reduce and offset the greenhouse gas emission of the events and activities of your company. We perform risk assessment and reduce risks related to climate change. We assess and develop your products and services based on the requirements of the circular economy.


We calculate, reduce and offset the greenhouse gas emissions of buildings. We assess and reduce the risks arising from climate change. We provide consultancy for tenders related to sustainability, energy use and climate strategy.


With calculation, reduction and offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions from the household and travel. We calculate, reduce and offset the greenhouse gas emissions of your households and travels.


Carbon footprint analysis

Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions from the activities of companies, buildings and individuals.

Emission reduction advice

Determining the carbon footprint reduction opportunities for companies and buildings, exploring available funding sources and raising-awareness.

Circular economy strategic consulting

Analysis of business, based on the principles of circular economy, offering strategic proposals based on international good practices, building new business models, revenue sources and building partnerships.

Climate risk mitigation advice

Assessing the effects of climate change on the business, reducing risks and costs.


Offsetting greenhouse gas emissions through the development of natural areas and by increasing the carbon sequestration capacity.

Complex consulting in climate strategy

Comprehensive climate strategy for emission and risk reduction, carbon footprint analysis.