Climate risk mitigation advice

We recommend our climate risk mitigation advice primarily to companies and municipalities.

Whether it is a manufacturing or service company, we analyze the specific impacts of climate change on the company, both in terms of sourcing and production, as well as operations, in the event of each IPCC climate scenario. Our comprehensive study covers the entire product cycle, as well as corporate operations and building operations in short, medium and long term. Based on our analysis, we propose a risk management strategy, what measures can be taken to avoid climate risks, how to reduce the exposure to climate change, and the costs. Together with our clients, we organize these tasks into an action plan, prioritizing them according to the nature of the risk, the probability of its occurrence, the extent of its impact, and scheduling the time and cost of implementation and adaptation measures.

In the case of municipalities, the climate risk analysis can cover the buildings or even entire districts. Based on the local expected effects of climate change, we analyze the changes in the municipal buildings, other infrastructure or entire settlements and identify the risks. Among other things, our experts have outstanding international experience in the field of urban resilience and green infrastructure development. With our proposals, we help to supplement a municipal climate strategy with climate risk prevention measures.

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