Circular economy strategic consulting

Long description: In addition to the effects of buildings and organizational operations, the environmental impact can also be significant of a company during production, manufacturing, logistics and sales or service provision. Our experts have worked with a number of European Union institutions and hundreds of companies to develop a methodology that can help to put the principles of the circular economy into practice, turning modern challenges into opportunities and benefits.

In each case, we tailor the depth of the study to the needs of our customers. We can confine ourselves to a baseline analysis, in which we work from existing data. Based on data and practices from companies similar to the company profile we identify focal points and intervention points commonly present in the sector. For company-specific analysis, it is recommended to work interactively with production, strategic and logistics managers. It is highly recommended to have a detailed, data-driven screening to identify structurally present wastage in processes, intervention points and strategies.

Based on our research, we propose strategies and alternative business models to reduce emissions, increase capacity utilization, reduce fixed and variable costs and create new revenue sources and partnerships within the sector - resulting in increased overall resource efficiency and performance which are the cornerstones of the circular economy. Together with our clients, we organize these actions into an action plan according to the time, cost and priority of implementation. If required, we help with the implementation of actions concerning the organizational culture through training and coordination.

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