The effects of climate change are much more noticeable on a daily basis, which puts more and more burdens on everyone, as we have had 2020 we have a legal obligation to achieve a climate-neutral Hungarian economy. The Climate Action Ltd. is a company dealing with environmental protection consultation and research in this field.

The experts of Climate Action Ltd. support clients with transparent and practical advice and helps them to start and further develop carbon-neutral operations. They assess the climate risks and emissions affecting the customer's activities, help them finding solutions for energy and cost reduction. Based on life-cycle analysis they also help with the optimization of production. Climate Action Ltd helps to find new business opportunities offered by the carbon market. In addition, they show new perspectives in compensation possibilities (offsetting) by increasing the carbon capacity of domestic natural ecosystems (habitats).

The company has a constantly expanding expert base and cooperates with several domestic consulting companies and experts. This enables ithem to provide high-quality services to customers in almost all areas of environmental protection.

Vision and strategy

Our primary goal is to become a key player in the Hungarian and regional climate protection. We respond to the challenges of the modern age with innovative approaches by finding the best possible solutions for companies, municipalities and individuals.

Because of this we can get closer to creating a more sustainable life.

The Team

Dr. Gábor Gremsperger
- CEO | founder

The founder of Climate Action Ltd. is a qualified lawyer. He completed his legal studies at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and the University of Law in Pécs, Hungary. He was an athlete in a Hungarian national team which helped him to have extraordinary dedication in all area of life.

He sees the future of climate protection in collecting and providing data which facilitates the continuous control of climate goals.

Péter Zambó - environmental consultant | founder

Graduated as a Nature Conservation Engineer from the University of Sopron, Hungary in 2021. He is currently doing his Master's Degree in Agricultural Engineering in Rural Development at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Science.

The main areas of his expertise is nature conservation, forestry and environmental protection. He is confident that his work will promote the integration of environmental protection into everyday life in our country.