Emission reduction advice

We recommend our emission reduction advice primarily to companies and municipalities.

The operation of a company involves extremely diverse greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout the life cycle of products and services. We assess the GHG emissions associated with the full operation of the company or the municipality and propose solutions to reduce them.

The scope of the investigation may cover buildings, corporate activities, the organization and employees, or all of them.

In each case, we tailor the depth of the study to the needs of our customers. We can limit ourselves to basic analysis, using existing data and simple surveys (eg questionnaire), supplementing the analysis with domestic and international reference examples. Measuring methods (with smart meters) and deeper qualitative (eg focus group) are available to effectively reduce GHG emissions. surveys as well.

Based on our research, we propose measures to reduce the company's / municipality's GHG emissions. Together with our clients, we organize these actions into an action plan according to the time, cost and priority of implementation. If required, we help with the implementation of actions concerning the organizational culture through training and coordination.

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