Complex consulting in climate strategy

Our complex climate strategy consulting combines emissions and climate risk reduction, cycle strategy and offsetting services. Primarily we recommend it to system-minded companies and municipalities that effectively want to make their operations more sustainable by taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible.

Our experts analyze the company’s emissions, the entire life cycle of the product, the risks arising from climate change and the regulatory environment. We calculate how much it would cost if everything remained the same in the operation of the company / municipality. We develop a budget, a strategy with goals which can be followed to make the operation more sustainable.

We always work with the client to develop the scale and depth of our advice which can cover buildings, or corporate activity and production process - from sourcing to sales -, or even the entire organization and community. We can work on the needs of existing data and international best practices, can also supplement this with best measures, data collection and when needed, the active involvement of management and employees. If necessary, we will assist in the implementation of strategy and introduction of changes. We will only release the hands of our clients when they are ready to implement the climate strategy on their own.

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